the Buns

Cards can be checked online, both for points or for values.

MVP members earn rewards all the time.  Over $100,000 in rewards so far!Join our MVP program for free, and we’ll reward you for coming and dining at Between the Buns or Curve Cafe. The more you dine, the more points you earn. Points will get you gift cards that you can use for your meals!

Just present your card every time you pay for your meal at either restaurant, and we’ll apply 10 points per dollar you spend (on regularly priced food). Your MVP Card becomes your Gift Card Reward!

Did you get a receipt code because you forgot your card?
Enter your codes here.

Rewards given as follows:
2500, 5000, 7500, 10K, 12.5K - each gives $10 on your MVP Card to be used as a gift card
*** All-Star Level ***
15,000 pts. - $25 on MVP Card

After you reach the All Star Tier, your points get zeroed out, and you can go thru the whole process again. See a manager to get signed up for our MVP Program!!
And the best part - it's free to join.

Of course, there are a few, uh, provisos, addendums & a couple of quid pro quos.
Did you forget your MVP card? Did your server give you a receipt with a code?  Then click here!
Between the Buns gift cards are the perfect gift!

Gift Cards are available any time in any amount! Buns gift cards are the perfect gift for anyone and they never get re-gifted.

If you need to check the balance of a Buns or Curve Cafe gift card, just click on the picture or here.


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