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Earn rewards with your MVP Card at Between the Buns
Team MVP cards can earn money for your team, group or charity!

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Bud & Bud Light Specials at the Buns


Personal MVP Program - Earn Rewards on Every Visit!

Join our MVP program for free, and we’ll reward you for coming and dining at Between the Buns or Curve Cafe. The more you dine, the more points you earn. Points will get you gift cards that you can use for your meals!

Just present your card every time you pay for your meal at either restaurant, and we’ll apply 10 points per dollar you spend (on regularly priced food). Eventually, you’ll be an All-Star!!

Become a Buns MVP today to begin earning great rewards. Your MVP Card becomes your Gift Card Reward!

MVP Cards now usable at Curve Cafe on Lincolnway in Mishawaka

Did you get a receipt code because you forgot your card? Enter your codes here.

Rewards given as follows:
0 pts. - Free receipt with every purchase
2500 pts. - $10 on MVP Card
5000 pts. - $10 on MVP Card
7500 pts. - $10 on MVP Card
10,000 pts. - $10 on MVP Card
12,500 pts. - $10 on MVP Card
*** All-Star ***
15,000 pts. - $25 on MVP Card

After you reach the All Star Tier, your points get zeroed out, and you can go thru the whole process again.

See a manager to get signed up for our MVP Program!!  And the best part - it's free to join.



Da Ref's Rules for Individual Program

1. Points are only issued at the time of purchase, ten points per US dollar spent. Can only apply to food items, no alcohol. Discounted items will not accrue points. Points cannot be applied from previous visits, so keep your card with you at all times. Points not issued on tax or tip. Points will not be given for Cover Charges, catering fees, Gift Certificate purchases, money laundering, gratuity, sales tax, free products, special events, discounted items, specials or promotion priced items, or any other things we deem un-point-able.

2. Rewards will be given as gift card dollars that will reside on the MVP Card.

3. Points and rewards can be used at any Between the Buns (except in Oregon, Tennessee, Florida, Queensland, anywhere prohibited and France.) and Curve Cafe in Mishawaka, IN

4. In addition, Between the Buns and Curve Cafe reserve the rights for restitution of fraud or deception for which prizes have been issued including prize values, legal fees, labor expended to research, and punitive damages. Don’t mess with us, our lawyer can beat up your lawyer.

5. Between the Buns and Curve Cafe reserve the right to change, modify or cancel the program or its prizes without notice, just because it’s our program & we said so. Between the Buns and Curve Cafe also reserve the right to revoke any single user's MVP card, points or monies accrued via the MVP system. The most current list of rules/guidelines will be maintained on this website.  Any printouts or previous copies of the rules/guidelines will be perpetually superseded by the most recent online version.

6. By signing up, you are permitting Between the Buns to send you promotions, and other informational notices via Email, and any other medium available (including TV, radio, telepathy, and ESP)

7. Points on lost cards will be transferred if possible. Points might be lost in some instances where data is lost or entered incorrectly. Neither Between the Buns or Curve Cafe will reimburse points that cannot be tracked or found.

8. After reaching the All-Star tier, points will be zeroed & the program will restart.

9. Rewards not redeemed after 5 years will be charged a $2 per month service charge.

10. Points awards are non-transferable and have no redeemable cash value (unless otherwise required by law in which case they will have a value of 1,000,000 points equaling one-twentieth of one Mexican Peso at the prevailing exchange rate on the eighth day prior to the previous blue moon which fell in the same calendar week of a full solar eclipse in Sweden [good luck doing the math on that one])

11. By participating, you agree that Between the Buns and Curve Cafe will not be held liable in cases of computer failure, internet failure or outage, personnel issues, human error, or if aliens or anyone else hacks the computer system. You agree that this is a perk, and that Between the Buns is doing this in good faith, and basically that you can’t sue us for anything having to do with the MVP Program.

12. Points may only be accumulated in one MVP based program at a time on any given visit.  Points may not be applied in multiple programs at the same time.

14. I’m superstitious, so we're skipping #13.

15. If you have any more questions, you probably shouldn’t participate because either it’s too confusing or you’re just going to lose your card anyway.

16. If you earn a reward on a visit, you have to wait until your next visit to use it. Computers are fast, but not that fast....

Click to read about our Executive Catering. Register your MVP Card here or check your Gift Card Balance
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